Onethread is a graphic design studio, launched in 2003, that develops corporate and consumer programs, both big and small, on and off-line. We work with a wide variety of clients, each having their own unique story to be told. Publishers, foodies, object makers, shoe empires, educators, do-gooders, and don’t forget the smarty pants (engineers). We enjoy partnerships with strategists, illustrators, press relators, photographers, developers, and word wizards. Some clients require the whole crew, others only the night shift.

We think successful design is a visual translation of sound strategy – yours or ours. (Pretty pictures can always be painted on the weekend.) Brand languages require one unifying thread, an underlying structure, from which a visual vocabulary can be developed and expanded. Onethread’s job is to explore the boundaries of identity so our clients are not only successful, but noticed, understood, and remembered. We are very lucky to like what we do.


Identity and Branding
Book Design
Art Direction


Sarah Von Dreele
Shipping and Receiving

RISD grad, Pittsburgh steel town native, has an aversion to circles, mastering the French language to keep up with her bi-lingual sidekicks

Lily Alayeva
Director of Special Circumstances

Also a RISD grad, fluent in Russian and HTML, doodler, Queens bred, collects envelope security patterns.

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